You probably came here via Amazon, Facebook or Twitter.What readers say about The Third Key?

Without giving away too much: this is a classic, but modernized tribute to
Good versus Evil. It’s a no pussyfooting around/right in your face battle that you can’t evade or miss. Definitely a great approach to some very important and basic, life-structuring things that we frequently overlook in this world. I loved the detailing–the imagery was easy for me to see–at times the choice of wording made me stop so I could just be there for a few moments. Even though I’ve never been to Prague, where this takes place, I still got a good view of it. The martial arts moments were well choreographed and also made it easy to visualize what was happening (not to mention the lessons I received from reading them–my knowing little to nothing about such things). All in all, a well told story. I think what I liked most about it, was how Mister Ramsey used so gentle of a hook that I didn’t realize how deeply …..

Jason Raiden is far from something we would consider ‘ordinary’ yet he is trying his best to live a normal life as a martial art instructor. Soon, he will need all of his skill to defeat an enemy – with more than human powers.

Quabil Shahzad, backed up with mortal demoniac technology and mystic black powers is on a mission to destroy life on this Planet. Jason is on a mission to protect it. The goal? To find the Key that will open the backdoor to the Universe.

Jason is trained, ready and willing – but this time, he has no weapons – only his martial arts training and mind power.

Retired Guardian of the Light meets the servant of the Demonic Alliance.

Powers of Light and demonic black forces meet in Ritual Rooms of cathedrals. Jason has hunted this evil before…can he win again?

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